516,820  BibleSticks Provided to Troops!

Military BibleStick Outreach

The Military BibleStick Outreach was designed by the Audio Bible ministry Faith Comes By Hearing to bring the pure Word of God to our troops while on (and preparing for) deployment.

Faith Comes By Hearing relies on donations from people like you to provide Military BibleSticks to our troops at no cost to them through military chaplains.

Military BibleStick Player

Military BibleStick

The Military BibleStick is a digital audio player specifically designed for our military service members. It’s about the size of a pack of gum, and comes pre-loaded with a dramatized recording of the entire New Testament and specially selected Psalms. It’s rugged enough to withstand tough weather conditions, can be used in low-light situations, and easily fits into uniform pockets.

Troops are blessed with God’s Word

"Time and time again I have been thanked by soldiers who received the BibleStick, I've seen countless Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines requesting these Bibles to go into their ruck sacks so they can listen while waiting to go on missions." - Army Chaplain

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